We have involved in a lot of rescues over the past decade and have saved the lives of so many animals even in just a fraction of a second.

We recently rescued a dog from Vyasarpadi who was about to be killed by the residents who didn't want the dog to litter. Fortunately, four kind-hearted families informed us of the cruelty and we could save the dog in time. The residents were also severely warned about the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. The humane way to reduce population is Animal Birth Control, which is one of our primary areas of work.

We have often rescued cats that are kept captive by gypsies. With the support of the local police, we have managed to seize the nets and guns they use for hunting. The rescued cats were given treatment and are allowed to roam freely in our shelters.

We have also rescued a few pups from a sewage pit near Tambaram upon a call from a tea shop owner. The puppies were given first aid and they’ve regained health and have since been adopted by our patrons.

Check out our mascots for more rescue stories.



When Ramu, a sweet baby monkey was rescued by us after he fell off a tree, he was in bad shape with no hope of survival. He was treated at our hospital and though we could save his life, the little one lost his eyesight. Ramu was under treatment in our shelter for a few months and was the heartthrob of everyone at AWPT & for the visitors. Ramu was recently taken by the Wildlife Board of India for advanced treatment and we keep hearing from them that Ramu is enjoying the company of his own kind!



When we rescued this gorgeous bird, she had severe wounds all over her body and had all but lost her wings after an attack from crows that were pecking her continuously when a kind gentleman called us for the rescue. She surprised us all with her rapid recovery soon found her way to the skies!



Our three-legged hero has an incredible story to tell. He lost his leg in an accident when he was a puppy. Luckily for him, a physically challenged gentleman who runs a telephone booth in Arumbakkam telephoned us for a rescue. This was two years ago, and today Tripod is a healthy, active dog who is the most popular dog in our shelter. AWPT hopes that Tripod’s miraculous rescue inspires more people to come forward to help an animal that's suffered a road accident, and also wishes that callous hit-and-run accidents like this don’t happen again.



When we first saw this gorgeous black kitten with a velvet coat, he was limping and toppling over, barely able to walk. He didn't have any external wounds and this was baffling at first. Our doctor then diagnosed him with a weak nervous system. We got Black Pearl started on Ayurvedic treatment that included a daily oil massage. By sheer will power, he began to heal and is now one of the naughtiest cats of our shelter



Blossom, a two month old pup was brought to us by a 13 year old school student who found him on road being run over by a cyclist. Blossom's paw was completely smashed and it was only his will power and the prayer of the student who brought him that made him walk again. It took almost two months for us to cure blossom completely and he is now in the safe hands of the one who gave him a new life by bringing to us!





All our dear animals have been rescued from difficult circumstances. You can contribute your time and energy to bring them joy and improve the quality of their lives.

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