If you don’t believe in miracles, some of our rescue stories are sure to change your mind! One of them is the story of a brave puppy called Soldier.

Soldier – God’s own child:

When Soldier was just a few days old, he was accidentally trampled on by a cow. The badly injured puppy was rushed to the AWPT hospital and treated by a team of doctors. His recovery was phenomenal and after six months of intensive treatment, he began to walk again. Soldier is now as normal as any other puppy of his age and was recently adopted by one of AWPT’s patrons. He continues to take vitamins to stay strong and is honoured to be our mascot. Soldier is a symbol of hope and courage, and reminds people that fairytale endings are possible.

Rescue Stories

When we first saw this gorgeous black kitten with a velvet coat, he was limping and toppling over, barely able to walk. He didn’t have any external wounds and this was baffling at first.

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