With a view to ensure complete care for the animals, we have employed two full time Veterinary Surgeons Dr. Sandhya and Dr. Sivakumar for emergency cases, ABC surgeries and for performing regular health checkups. We have 5 attendants who work tirelessly to care for the animals and maintain the shelters. Ms. Sulochana, Mr. Ravi and Mr.Chellappa are in charge of the hospital shelters and Mr. Muthu and Ms. Dhanam take care of kittens and pups at home.

Mr. Paulraj and Mr. Prabhakar are our drivers who really make our rescues more effective by driving us back to the hospital in time.

We have a fully equipped operation theatre with modern surgical instruments and we use three refrigerators exclusively for storing medicines. We use first quality medicines and also have a store room to store our foods that are well maintained by our staff. We ensure adequate stock that keeps us going irrespective of climatic and other logistical hindrances.

Our shelters are well ventilated; we have recently installed fans almost covering the entire space of the shelters for speedy recovery of animals that have undergone surgery. We have exhaust fans in all living rooms to ensure free airflow so that animals do not suffocate. Adequate fresh water and food are ever available for the animals and they are replaced and cleaned very often.

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When we first saw this gorgeous black kitten with a velvet coat, he was limping and toppling over, barely able to walk. He didn’t have any external wounds and this was baffling at first.

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