Although we rescue animals in distress one at a time and every such rescue brings us great joy, we recognize that real change can be brought about only through awareness creation. We need the power of media to highlight the joys of adopting a native breed dog from the streets and from animal shelters and to guide people on what to do if they see a sick or injured animal. The ideal thing to do is come forward as a community to care for our animals and not depend wholly on animal shelters that are almost invariably starved of funds and resources.

In this respect, we are very grateful to the media organizations that lend support to our cause. The Hindu and The Indian Express have frequently published our special requests and appeals and have helped us spread our message far and wide. The Hindu’s Pet Pals column that appears in their supplement Metro Plus on Wednesdays has helped us find homes for our lovable rescues. We are grateful to Doordharshan Podhigai for telecasting three programmes about AWPT. NDTV has also recently filmed our activities and the programme is yet to be broadcasted.

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Rescue Stories

When we first saw this gorgeous black kitten with a velvet coat, he was limping and toppling over, barely able to walk. He didn’t have any external wounds and this was baffling at first.

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