• Rescue of abandoned animals & animals in distress, particularly homeless dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.
  • Our rescued animals include a jackal kept captive by gypsies, rabbits, monkeys electrocuted in high tension wires and birds and squirrels falling from trees
  • Giving first aid to animals involved in accidents, bringing these animals to our free hospital and shelters for further treatment. We provide permanent shelter to disabled animals
  • Conducting animal birth control surgeries for street dogs to permanently reduce dog population in a humane way
  • Vaccinating the street dogs to prevent cruelty and thereby protecting the community from rabies infections. We also conduct free animal health and vaccination camps for the same
  • Taking up legal and other action against perpetrators of cruelty against animals

Special Campaigns

As a part of our objective, we have executed a lot of vaccination camps and ABC surgery campaigns in the past few years with the cooperation of local governing bodies which has reduced the population in our locality and protected the residents and dogs from rabies.

Conducted programs include

  • A vaccination program conducted on 8th August, 1999 where 150 street dogs were caught and immunized with 7-in-1vaccines (distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, Adenovirus, Leptospira Canicola & Leptospira icterohemorrhagia) and with anti rabies vaccine simultaneously by Dr. Ramakrishna and his team at Madras Veterinary colleges
  • A free animal health camp conducted on 26th December, 2004 in association with Lions club Chetput & SPCA - free treatment was given to 190 cattle, 140 goats, 125 pets and street dogs. De-worming, tick infections for dogs, mastitis on goats, lack of appetite, shedding of feathers in fowls and general weakness were all treated by doctors. Free medicines were distributed to continue the treatment
  • Free vaccination was done on march 14, 15, 16th of march, 2001 at Madambakkam panchayat and surrounding areas


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Rescue Stories

When we first saw this gorgeous black kitten with a velvet coat, he was limping and toppling over, barely able to walk. He didn’t have any external wounds and this was baffling at first.

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