In 1999, two senior citizens were appalled by the horrific killing of homeless dogs by Chennai’s corporation. The dogs were electrocuted, immersed in acid baths or clubbed to death. They decided to do something about it - Padmavathy and her husband Narasimhamoorthy founded the Animal Welfare and Protection Trust to control the street dog population in the only method that is recognized internationally as being both humane and effective- Animal Birth Control (ABC).

The Trust (often referred to as AWPT) is now one of Chennai’s most reputed animal welfare organizations and has played a significant role in reducing the population of street animals. AWPT operates a hospital with a fully equipped surgical theatre to treat hundreds of sick and injured animals and a well-ventilated shelter that houses over 120 animals and birds at any given point of time. One of the Trust’s most significant activities is a rescue service for animals in distress. Apart from abandoned cats and dogs, sick or injured puppies and kittens or homeless newborn animals, their rescues include jackals, rabbits, monkeys, squirrels and birds.

AWPT has conducted free vaccination camps for both owned and homeless animals to prevent rabies and distemper and takes up the cause of abused animals by taking action against the perpetrators of such cruelty.

The organization has been recognized for its excellence in the field of animal welfare by Shri Surjeet Singh Barnala, The Governor of Tamilnadu, former Chief Minister of Tamilnadu Selvi J.Jayalalitha and the International Association of Lions Clubs.

AWPT is partially funded by the Animal Welfare Board of India and relies heavily on donations from concerned citizens to manage their skyrocketing operational costs. Their primary goal is to implement a citywide Animal Birth Control (and Anti Rabies) programme to serve the interests of both animals and people. The Trust invites volunteers and patrons to get in touch, visit the shelter and support them in making Chennai a cruelty-free city.

Rescue Stories

When we first saw this gorgeous black kitten with a velvet coat, he was limping and toppling over, barely able to walk. He didn’t have any external wounds and this was baffling at first.

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